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Add-on Motion Sensor



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Video-Free Security 

Sensor provide indoor security with out using indoor video cameras

Easy Setup

Connected using the Lorex Sensor Hub or the Lorex Home Center.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive mobile notifications the moment a sensor is activated.

Link Cameras

Automatically start the recording on a compatible Lorex security camera

Do I Need A Starter Kit


If using standalone or with an NVR or DVR system

Add-on Sensors connect to The Lorex Sensor Hub (included in this Starter Kit), which connects to the Lorex Home App.


If using with the Lorex Home Center

Add-on Sensors are connected directly to the Lorex Home Center without a Lorex Sensor Hub.

Link Sensors to Lorex Security Cameras

Automatically start recording on a compatible Lorex security camera the moment an add-on sensor is activated. This means that the linked camera will already be recording before it is able to detect the motion itself, which can give you valuable pre-event video to provide more context.

Sensor Linking with Wireless Cameras

The Lorex Sensor Hub is able to link connected Add-On Sensors to other Lorex wireless products connected to the Lorex Home App, such as Indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras*, Wi-Fi Video Doorbells, and Wi-Fi Video Floodlights.
*Not compatible with LNWCM and LNWiHD series Wi-Fi cameras

Sensor Linking with Wired Cameras

The Lorex Sensor Hub is able to link Add-On Sensors to wired cameras through select recorders. Please see the compatibility chart to see which NVRs and DVRs can use this feature.

Arm/Disarm with ease

Manage your sensors with the Lorex Home™ app. Using this app, you can arm or disarm all, or specific, sensors from wherever you are.

Small But Essential

The Motion Add-On Sensor is very small (37mm × 28mm), allowing you to place many around your house unobtrusively (up to 10 on a Lorex Sensor Hub or up to 32 on the Lorex Home Center).

Compatible With Lorex Home Center

This device can be added to the Lorex Home Center along with other indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras, video doorbells, floodlight cameras, and alarm sensors.
*The Lorex 2K QHD Video doorbell is not currently compatible with the Lorex Home Center.

Motion Sensor:

  • Get mobile notifications from the Lorex Home™ app or hear a chime when motion is detected in front of the sensor
  • Install throughout the inside of your home – mounted on a ceiling, wall, or placed on top of a surface
  • The battery operated and wire-free design makes for easy, seamless installation
Battery: CR2450, included
Detection Range
26ft Max.
Detection Angle
110° Max.
Installation Type
Tabletop, wall or ceiling
Status Indicator Light
Setup Requirements / Compatibility
Lorex Sensor Hub, Lorex Home Center
Adhesive, included
Operating Conditions
Indoor Use
Operating Temperature
14°F ~ 113°F / -10°C ~ 45°C
Operating Humidity
0 ~ 95% RH
1 year limited warranty
1. Chime notification originates from a Lorex Hub, which is activated when linked sensors are triggered.
2. Range will be affected by environmental factors

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