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Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are small (2 to 2.5 inches long) and are limited to a fixed focal length lens. Bullet cameras are also called lipstick cameras.

Dome Cameras

Their dome casings, which protect against redirection, defocusing and impact, also disguise which way the cameras are pointing.

Fisheye Cameras

A panoramic fisheye security camera is the IP surveillance camera that enables you to simultaneously monitor an area.

Doorbell Camera

Simply put, security doorbells are just small security cameras – wired or wireless – that include a door buzzer

Packages Features

Security camera CCTV systems come in a variety of different image resolutions, integration capabilities and use cases. Some security cameras are used indoors while others are used outdoors, some pan, tilt and zoom for broader coverage while others are built to read license plates coming into a parking lot. All businesses need a security camera system.

  • The first component of a CCTV system are the security cameras. Which security cameras are right for you, it depends on your individual needs and budget.
  • Network Video Recorders usually have multiple channels for inputting security camera feeds, and are an all-in-one place for combining feeds and keeping a comprehensive eye on your surveillance feeds.
  • When recording 4k security camera video, this can end up being a large number requiring terabytes of footage. For lesser archival needs, you can usually get away with much less.
  • Some security cameras now come with infrared light that is invisible to the human eye but can be picked up by a security camera’s sensor.

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Weather Resistant

IP66 is just a rating that indicates the dust and water resistant level of the enclosure, and protected against heavy weather.

Night & Day Vision

A day and night camera can have infrared LEDs mounted on its housing or can accept the emission, produced by an infrared turret.


You can expect best services from E.G. CCTV installation. We do the homework so you don’t have to.

Upfront Pricing

Pre-package services have upfront prices, so there are no surprises, so you can check out and go.

Quality Products

E.G. Security Solutions LLC, will Install and supply  3rd party equipment and install a wide range of CCTV solutions.

Remote Access

All our NVR recorders can be remote accessed over the internet using a computer or mobile device such as an iPhone

HD Resolution

In HD technology 1080p is the greatest pixel density but megapixel is available as high as 16MP

Hard Drive

Security camera hard drive, or known as a surveillance-rated hard disk drive (HDD), is primarily used for surveillance video 24/7

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