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Stay centered with a smart and intuitive monitoring solution – The Lorex Home Center. Security at your fingertips – using the touch screen interface, control, view and customize your settings and cameras. “Lorex, show me all cameras.” Using the Lorex Voice™ Assistant, conveniently access your video feeds with just the sound of your voice. Need a recap of events while you were out today? Just ask: “Lorex, show me all motion events from front door camera between 1-3 pm”. With privacy in mind, enjoy multiple safeguard options with the heightened privacy features. Your home security, your way – build a versatile home monitoring system to meet your needs by pairing various Lorex wireless cameras, devices and accessories. No monthly fees – keep recordings to yourself thanks to the built-in local storage.
Touch, talk and view – an all-in-one smart solution for your home monitoring needs, The Lorex Home Center.

More than a security system, the center of your home

The all-in-one Lorex Home Center simplifies your home monitoring experience with its intuitive touch smart display. You can also use your voice to perform simple commands, such as:

“Lorex, show me all outdoor cameras”
“Lorex, show me what happened yesterday at the ‘front door’ camera”
“Lorex, show me all people* at the ‘front door’ camera between 2 and 3pm”
“Lorex, turn on warning lights on all outdoor cameras”
“Lorex, turn privacy mode on for all indoor cameras”
* Requires supported camera and setting to be turned on
Touch Screen Interface
The intuitive interface and 7-inch touch display makes viewing and customizing your cameras and accessories easy1.
Secure Lorex Voice™ Assistant
The built-in secure Lorex Voice Assistant™ means your conversations stay private.

Local reliable storage you can count on

The WD Purple microSD card is designed specifically for continuously recording security cameras. It offers exceptional performance and reliability to meet the high demands of 24/7 HD video recording. The Lorex Home Center can be upgraded to a maximum of 256GB microSD storage.

Enhanced Privacy Feaures

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    Microphone Disconnect Feature

    Flick the microphone switch to keep your conversations completely private.

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    Face Unlock

    Login to the Lorex Home Center quickly with the Face Unlock* feature.

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    Camera Cover

    The lens of the built-in camera can be covered if not using the Face Unlock feature.

Multiple Connection Options

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    Connect to your home router using the provided Ethernet cable.

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    Connect to your home router wirelessly for flexible placement.

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    An internet connection is not required for operating and connecting to different Lorex devices.**

* Face unlock is limited to only 1 user and requires a well-lit area.
** An internet connection is required to use the Lorex Home App to receive automatic update notifications.

Remote viewing from your mobile device with Lorex Home™

Your home will always be within reach with help from the Lorex Home App. This versatile app allows you to remotely access your Lorex Home Center so you can easily view live videos, customize your system settings, playback recorded motion events and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Have Questions?

Step 1. Connect your Lorex Home Center to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Step 2. On the Lorex Home Center, go to Home Screen > Device Settings > Device Info > Lorex Home Center, then tap Device ID to open the QR Code.

Step 3. Now, get your smartphone and open the Lorex Home app, then tap + at the topmost right corner of the screen and scan the QR Code bring displayed on your Lorex Home Center.

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions on adding your Lorex Home Center to the Lorex Home app.

Step 1. Go to Home Screen > Device Settings > Security Settings.

Step 2. Turn On or Off Require passcode to unlock or Face Unlock.

NOTE: Using the camera cover to hide the lens will not turn off the feature. It will simply prevent video capturing for the Face Unlock feature.

NOTE: In Offline Mode, you can still view your camera, and your sensors remain functional, but you cannot see your devices remotely from the Lorex Home app.

Step 1. Go to Home Screen > Device Settings > Network Settings.

Step 2. Tap Wi-Fi Network, then toggle the button to on or off.

Step 3. Tap Wired Network, then toggle the button to on or off.

Screen Size 7″ Diagonal
Screen Type LCD Touch Screen
Audio Full Duplex 2-way Audio
Microphone 2 × Noise Cancelling Microphones
Built-in front camera 1080p, support physical cover
Speakers 3 × Speakers
Camera Built-in
Wireless Camera Support Up to 8×1080p or 4×2K
Wireless Sensor Support Up to 32
Simultanous Camera Viewing Up to 4 channels
Voice Assistant Lorex Voice Assistant
Privacy Features Local Voice Assistant, Microphone Disconnect Switch, Camera Cover
Digital Zoom Camera Dependent
Log-in Options Password or Face Unlock
Status LED Multi-color LED status bar indicator
Sensors Ambient Light
Storage microSD (up to 256GB) or M.2 2280 SATA SSD M (up to 1TB)*
Internet Recommendation 2 cameras ~4Mbps / 4 cameras ~10Mbps @1080p upload speed**
Home Router Connectivity 100Mbps Ethernet or 5GHz Wi-Fi
Device Connectivity 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi / BLE 5.0
Ports Power, Ethernet, 1 × USB
Weather Rating Indoor only
Operating Temp. Range 32~104°F / 0~40?
Languages English
Power 12V DC / 2A
Available Color White
Dimensions 7.5 x 3.6 x 7.0″ / 19.0 x 9.1 x 17.7cm
Weight 1.81lb / 0.92kg
1. Playback screen is HD resolution. Footage can be exported at full resolution, or can be zoomed into on the device.
2. Compatible with certain Lorex wireless cameras only.
3. Controlling certain features in your security system requires a compatible smart device. Availability and performance of certain features and services are smart device dependent and may not be available in all areas or networks.
4. Accessing your security system remotely requires a high-speed Internet connection. Ensure your recorder has a connection to a router (not included). An upload speed of at least 5 Mbps is recommended for remote video viewing.
*Check packaging for included storage
**Devices stream by default using substream at lower resolution

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